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Over the years, Al Maya Distribution has successfully acquired world-class brands under one roof such as Kraft Heinz, Cadbury Biscuits, Oronamin C, Pocari Sweat, Ice Cool, MTR, Koka, Gowardhan, Pillsbury, Aeroplane, RRO, Bikano, Horlicks, American Kitchen, Sante, Hydro Coco, UFC Refresh, Acorsa, Minara, Kawan, Silver Swan, Renuka, Hartbeat, Vochelle , Jungle Oats, Beautiful Denmark, Polenghi, Fulfil, skippy etc.

With over a million square ft of warehousing space and one of the largest logistics and distribution facilities, Al Maya Distribution compiles with International food safety management standards and is accredited with HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005. 

Al Maya Supermarkets' legacy is a journey that has evolved & matured since 1982. Standing on the core values of freshness, product range, affordable pricing, service & ideal locations, all ensuring it's retained loyal customer base.
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