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Over the years, Al Maya Distribution has successfully acquired world-class brands under one roof such as Kraft Heinz, Cadbury Biscuits, Oronamin C, Pocari Sweat, Ice Cool, MTR, Koka, Society, Gowardhan, Kohinoor Foods, Pillsbury, Aeroplane, RRO, Bikano, Horlicks, American Kitchen, Sante, Hydro Coco, UFC Refresh, Acorsa, Minara, Kawan, KG, Silver Swan, Renuka, Hartbeat, Vochelle , Jungle Oats, Beautiful Denmark, Polenghi, Fulfil, skippy etc.


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Maya’s – By diversifying into private labelling, Al Maya Group enhanced its supermarket offering with a unique range of food products and homeware under the name Maya's, a brand that perfectly balances value and quality. Ranging from products like rice, flour, lentils, nuts and household products like washing liquids & aluminum foil to plastic wraps and much more, these products have helped the Group capitalize on their ever-growing success in the industry. Maya's is exclusively sold across all Al Maya Supermarkets & has evolved into an everyday household name. Distribution opportunities available for export outside the UAE only. For enquiries, please write to:

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Maya’s Home provides a wide range of affordable Home and Living products, only available at Almaya Supermarkets across the UAE.

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Serving up a delicate range of Indian and International favorites.

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