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Why is Borders a paradise for kids?

#UAE | 27 January, 2021

The real growth of a kid is driven by things he/she learns in their childhood days. Borders believe in being the catalyst for every child's cognitive development by offering stationery, books, and other useful products. This blog discusses why Borders is a paradise for every kid.

In today's world, whenever one needs something, their first instinct is to visit a nearby supermarket and buy it. Al Maya Supermarkets are perfect for those who prefer buying things from a one-stop shop. It has everything for every segment of audience, including kids. As a reliable and one of the leading distribution companies in UAE, Al Maya Group has introduced a diverse array of brands from various parts of the world to give the people of UAE access to all types of products. Borders is one of the Al Maya flagship brands, which yearns to give people the perfect blend of knowledge and entertainment. It is actually a catalyst for every kid's cognitive growth. It came into existence in 2006 and since then, it has been a paradise for kids for the following reasons:

Stationery:Every kid, at some point in their lives, gets obsessed with stationery items, like pencil box, coloured erasers with a pleasant smell, pencil colours, highlighters, and bottled inks. So, if your kid goes to school and you want to surprise him with something exciting, take him to a nearby Borders store.

Toys & Games:Toys and games are not only fun for kids but also beneficial in the sense that they are also known for having an association with cognitive growth. Kids subconsciously learn through toys and games, and tend to develop a fascination pretty quick. So, if your kids love to collect toys and games, take them to an Al Maya supermarket.

Books:Books are not only engaging but also inspiring. They are an immense source of knowledge and stories. It is quite essential to introduce your kids to the world of books and let them develop their own taste based on what they like. Borders have a variety of books for all age groups, including for kids. So, if you are looking for books for kids, visit a Borders store near you.

There are many more products for kids at Borders, e.g. school bags, children's accessories, school shoes, and comics. So, if you have kids and you want to buy anything that falls under any of the categories mentioned above for them, Al Maya Supermarket is exactly where you should go.

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