Importers of FMCG distributors for essential products in UAE

Traders of FMCG wholesalers for basic things in UAE

#UAE | 10 May, 2022

There are numerous FMCG distributors in UAE, positioning it as a hub for FMCG suppliers in UAE, along with other leading wholesale FMCG distributors and food and essential product importers. Dubai and the rest of the UAE have witnessed a massive boom in this sector, accommodating the future of FMCG, and experiencing skyrocketing growth in terms of incoming global products and essentials in almost every category to meet rising consumer demand. Now, leading FMCG distributors in UAE like Al Maya Distribution (a subsidiary of the Al Maya Group), have been playing a vital role in several strategic initiatives, highlighting the supermarket advantages.

One of the biggest and most reputed FMCG distributors in Dubai and also one of the leading food suppliers in Dubai, Al Maya Distribution has carved a niche for itself over the years. As one of the renowned bakery suppliers, being one of the most trusted FMCG distributors in Dubai, it is known for having introduced 50+ global food brands and products to the region over the years. In recent times, the Group has been bringing more products, including leading names from countries like India and Singapore, to the region. It has already showcased the wide range of FMCG products from Singapore and other countries throughout its Al Maya Supermarkets.

It has now partnered with another leading player in India, namely KLF Nirmal Industries with a checkered history of more than 75 years of production. 

The entire range of products will be available through Al Maya Group’s distribution arm as per the company’s official launch statement. KLF already has a line-up of coconut based products including virgin coconut oil and it is the sole brand making use of coconut produced in Kerala’s Malabar region in the GCC area with the biggest in-house production facilities. It is the only one using these coconuts for the CMP (coconut milk powder) category. 

KLF has been present in the GCC region over the last twenty years and more. It holds market leadership in the virgin coconut oil and coconut cooking oil categories. Al Maya Group also has its own distribution and office facility covering one million sq ft of space at the Technopark or National Industries Park. It is located near the Al Maktoum Airport and the site for the 2020 Expo. The facility is globally certified, having attained certifications like ISO 9001, HACCP, 14001, 45,000 and 22000. It is also known as a green building facility. 

The Al Maya FMCG Company LLC is the distribution division of the Group and was founded in 1982 by Late L K Pagarani. It is known for its vast distribution network throughout the GCC area, representing leading multinational and regional brands alike. The Group is also the representative for several leading brands like KLF Nirmal, including names like Kohinoor Foods, D S Group, Kamasutra, Horlicks Biscuits, Gowardhan Ghee and Paneer, Society Tea, Airplane Pickles, RRO Mustard Oil and Bikano. Being a leading FMCG distributor throughout this region, the Group is aiming at consolidating its presence, offering 360-degree capabilities in terms of food distribution, warehousing, logistics, storage, transportation, retail and more for customers spanning the B2B and B2C categories alike.

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