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4 yummy bakery products that everyone loves to devour

#UAE | 30 September, 2021

It's so satisfying and tempting to enter a bakery store and see a wide range of yummy bakery products, presented beautifully in glass containers and ready to be devoured. There is a distinct smell that a bakery store has and almost every foodie who is in love with bakery products can relate. We, at Al Maya Distribution, as one of the leading food distributors in the UAE, have consistently made sure that we acquire world-class brands from all over the world.

So, we have a variety of brands under our belt, such as Kraft Heinz, Oronamin C, Cadbury Biscuits, Bikano, Renuka, Jungle Oats, and Hydro Coco. However, other than the bakery products that Al Maya Trading usually has, we also wanted to have our own exclusive range of bakery products, presented by our Bake Hub Bakery, which is basically a state-of-the-art, 24*7 central baking facility. What is interesting is that it is a one-stop-shop for some of the most common bakery products that anyone would want to buy from a reliable bakery shop.

Here are four yummy bakery products that any foodie loves to devour:

Muffins: Our highly-skilled, experienced bakers have already excelled when it comes to making traditional scratch bakery products, including muffins. With Bake Hub Bakery, we consistently provide families in the UAE with delicious muffins. So, if you are truly in love with the taste of a well-made muffin, check out our range of muffins at Bake Hub Bakery, especially red-velvet muffins.

Loaves and rolls: Our Bake Hub Bakery offers amazing European loaves and rolls that you would love to devour with your family. So, if you are fond of yummy, fresh rolls and loaves, then you should definitely get in touch with Bake Hub Bakery.

Doughnuts: For anyone with a sweet tooth, doughnuts are bound to be a true delight. Bake Hub Bakery has famous American doughnuts, in different flavours. So, if the thought of having fresh, delicious doughnuts makes your mouth water, you should check out our range of doughnuts available at Bake Hub Bakery.

Bread: Who doesn't like bread? From a kid to an adult, everyone is fond of bread. Many families enjoy bread-based dishes every day, especially in breakfast, e.g. bread omelette, sandwiches, or bread cutlets. Bread is so common that it's an everyday part of our lives, which is one of the major reasons people are adamant about preferring fresh, homemade bread these days. It assures high-quality and freshness. So, if you want to buy home-baked bread, look for our brand called Bread Basket which was exclusively brought into existence to provide families in the UAE with fresh, homemade bread.

As one of the best food suppliers in Dubai, we always ensure that the people of Dubai always have access to high-end, fresh products. In order to deliver the best to you all, we consistently introduce brands of different categories and ensure that we cover a wide array of products, which led to the birth of Bake Hub Bakery and Bread Basket. There are many bakery stores in Dubai, but if you are looking for the one that gives you authenticity in the taste of its products, Bake Hub Bakery and Bread Basket, for homemade bread, can be your perfect choice. So, check them out the next time you are looking for bakery cookies or muffins or bread!

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