Al Maya Supermarket Dubai

Which Supermarket offers the best pocket saving deals

#UAE | 27 May, 2022

If you are looking for the very best supermarket deals and high savings, then you should consider only the most reputed name in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and beyond. We are talking of Al Maya Supermarkets. You will find several available options for your nearest Al Maya Supermarket Dubai, such is the reach of the brand throughout the Emirate and its choicest locations.
Coming to the subject of attractive deals and offers, you will find several enticing Al Maya Supermarket offers and rewards that you can utilize. The entire experience at this new-age grocery shop in Dubai is pocket-friendly. You also get results quickly for a grocery shop near me, which is none other than your friendly neighbourhood supermarket courtesy of the Al Maya Group. Get a wallet-friendly experience while shopping in a swanky and comfortable environment where everything is available for buyers.
The journey started for Al Maya Supermarkets since the year 1982. It is known for maintaining its central philosophies of an extensive product line-up, freshness, competitive pricing, great service, and the best locations. Al Maya Supermarkets is a pioneer in its segment, especially with its free home delivery offering and its operational abilities spanning 24 hours each day. This is one of the biggest advantages for any retailer in the UAE without a doubt.
Al Maya Supermarkets already has more than 50 supermarkets spanning the length and breadth of the UAE currently and also the Sultanate of Oman. The company offers several categories and a neatly integrated supply chain where products are directly sourced from their origin countries. It has sourcing offices covering several port cities and makes sure that customers get nothing but the best products at all times.

Key USPs of Al Maya Supermarkets

The biggest USPs of Al Maya Supermarkets can be listed as follows: 
1. Free Home Delivery
2. Gifting & Floral Services
3. 24-7 operations 
4. Card payment options even for home delivery
5. Net day delivery options
6. International orders 
7. WhatsApp and other offers
8. Timely updates
9. Gift vouchers 

Product Categories at Al Maya Supermarkets

The product categories include the following: 
1. Home & Décor
2. Fresh Food 
3. Electronics
4. By Air Foods
5. Home Brands- Maya’s and Maya’s Home
6. Organic & Bio
7. Stationary
8. Bakery
9. Ready Foods
10. Frozen
11. Diet Products
12. Dairy
13. Florist
14. Hygiene Products
15. Woolworths Products 

The Group and its journey

The Group was founded in 1982 by L.K. Pagarani. The Group is a business conglomerate based in Dubai which has more than 5,000 employees in 30 nations for various business divisions. It specializes in FMCG and food product distribution along with distributing non-food products as well. It has more than 90 retail stores spanning the UAE and GCC regions including its Al Maya Supermarkets, Paperchase and Borders. 
It has more than 2 million sq ft in warehousing space along with getting more than 2 million shoppers every month. It also undertakes more than 75,000 deliveries each month along with offering more than 100 brands and 50+ supermarkets in total.

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