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Which is the most trusted FMCG Company in Dubai?

#UAE | 30 November, 2021

With a wide reach in various categories of products, like retail, bakery, FMCG, and apparel, Al Maya Group has always been one of the most reputed FMCG companies in the UAE. Dubai is a host to quite a few renowned FMCG companies, but when it comes to variety and quality, one brand that stands out the most is Al Maya Group.

That's because Al Maya Group has always made consistent efforts to ensure that it introduces a variety of brands from all over the world to the people of the UAE and give them access to a wide range of product categories, like Organic & Bio, Bakery, Diet products, hygiene products, and dairy products, as well as brands, which means they've more options to choose from. We are associated with brands, like Cadbury, Pocari Sweat, Society, Kohinoor Foods, Aeroplane, and Jungle Oats. We have got brands under our belt from various parts of the world, e.g. Italy, United Kingdom, UAE, Spain, Poland, and Japan. With over a million square feet of warehousing space and state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, Al Maya Distribution or Al Maya Trading has always distributed these brands effectively in Al Maya Supermarkets. Al Maya Distribution is widely regarded as one of the leading food distribution companies in the UAE.

They tend to introduce food brands that gravitate people's attention simply because they choose brands based on people's changing preferences and current trends. Since people are more inclined towards consuming something natural and healthy, they collaborate with brands that are known for creating healthy, natural products. They are committed to delivering the best to customers, which is why all our Al Maya Supermarkets are a perfect determinant of how hassle-free and worthwhile it's to buy any product from a nearby Al Maya Supermarket.

In 1982, we gave birth to our exclusive series of supermarkets, that offer the following benefits or facilities:

1) Fresh products
2) Wide product range
3) Affordable pricing strategies
4) Ideal service locations
5) Free home delivery
6) 24*7 availability
7) Floral and Gifting
8) Card payment facility on home delivery
9) Whatsapp Offer updates
10) Gift vouchers
11) Payment with NoI card

If you need a product you are not getting in the country, let us know. We will get it for you. Today, Al Maya Group has over 50 Al Maya Supermarkets across the UAE and Oman. It is widely known for providing fresh product categories and having a seamless supply chain system. The benefits mentioned above are added-reasons why Al Maya Group is still considered as one of the best FMCG companies in Dubai. It is all about finding a reliable, trustworthy FMCG company that has types of brands and product categories under their belt that you prefer and that believes in delivering high-quality, fresh products.

So, if you ever want to buy premium products conveniently without leaving the comfort of your home, all you have to do is place an order by contacting a nearby Al Maya Supermarket and selecting free home delivery.

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