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How do Al Maya Stores in Dubai make looking for food more clear?

#UAE | 23 June, 2021

The beauty of the city of Dubai lies in how diverse its people are. It is a city filled with people from various backgrounds and ethnicities, including locals, which is why it has grown so beautifully into this huge metropolis where you have access to a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets. If you're a family living in Dubai or a local family from Dubai, you very well know that there are many food distribution companies that have their supermarkets at various locations in the city. These supermarkets have not only made grocery shopping easier but have also introduced plenty of renowned brands from various parts of the world to the people of Dubai." style="color: #808080;">distribution services, to our guests at Al Maya Supermarkets. Since our Al Maya Supermarkets came into existence, which was in 1982, we have been consistently broadening the range of brands we are associated with and yearning to serve our customers in unparalleled ways. We've made consistent efforts to ensure your grocery shopping experience is convenient and worthwhile, which form the basis of the unique services & facilities that we provide. Here are the benefits of shopping for grocery items from an Al Maya Supermarket:

1) A diverse range of products
We have a diverse range of products at our Al Maya Supermarkets, including fresh foods, by air foods, organic foods, frozen foods, diet products, dairy products, bakery products, hygiene products, and Woolworths products. So, if you come to one of our Al Maya Supermarkets, you're going to find every type of product that you can possibly include in your grocery shopping list.

2) Renowned brands from various parts of the world
We have a variety of brands available at our supermarkets. These brands are from various parts of the world, like Singapore, Australia, the USA, Japan, India, and Denmark. So, at Al Maya Supermarkets, you've got a wide array of brands to choose from, regardless of the product you need.

3) Ideal locations
Every Al Maya Supermarket is situated at a location that is easily accessible. So, the idea of going to an Al Maya Supermarket from your house will never bother you. There are over 50 stores and you can pick the one that's closest to your location.

4) 24*7 Availability
We're open 24*7, throughout the day, which means you can visit an Al Maya Supermarket whenever you are free enough to do so.

5) Free Home Delivery & Facebook Next Day Delivery
We also offer free home delivery to our customers. So, if you want to get done with your grocery shopping for this month without having to leave your house for it, you can opt for free home delivery and we will assure that your products are delivered on time, and without any inconvenience. We also offer Facebook Next Day Delivery, so you can contact us via Facebook and get your products delivered the next day without having to leave your house.

6) Card payment facility on home delivery
We offer the facility of card payment to our customers who have opted for home delivery. So, if you don't have any cash in your wallet and you don't want to go out to get some from a nearby ATM, no need to worry, as we also accept card payments.

Food distribution companies have played a major role in enhancing the quality of lives of the locals there as well as expats in Dubai. We, at Al Maya Group, also consistently ensure that not only do you get all types of products at Al Maya Supermarkets, but also get to experience high-end customer services. So, simply contact a nearby Al Maya Supermarket the next time you are supposed to go out for grocery shopping and see how convenient and seamless your experience would be.

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