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Almaya Group | How Automation Empowers the Best Food Company in Dubai

25 January, 2024 | #UAE

The Almaya Group is a behemoth of the food and beverage industry, having cemented its position as one of the best food companies in Dubai. With a diverse portfolio consisting of a robust supply chain across over 50 supermarkets and 100 brands under its belt, the company is renowned for its industrial prowess and dedication to innovation and progress. Along the same train of thought, the Almaya Group has been investing heavily in automation to improve its operations and provide an elevated experience to its customers across Dubai.

Automation has empowered the Almaya Group

The Almaya Group has always led by example with an emphasis on innovation. Automation has played a major role in the Almaya Group's success. As the company grew, it automated a lot of its operations. This has led to a positive impact in several areas.

A heavily automated inventory management process

The Almaya Group is one of the top food distributors in Dubai. The company’s inventory management plays a crucial role in streamlining its operations and cementing its position as an industry leader. The Almaya Group employs a sophisticated inventory management system that tracks food and beverage levels in real time. This automated system prevents stockouts and ensures that the company never runs out of 

A streamlined online order fulfilment system 

As an established food company in Dubai, one of the fastest-growing smart cities in the world, The Almaya Group has a strong digital presence and caters to a large base of online shoppers. The company uses robotic arms to fulfill online orders which can pick and pack orders much faster than human employees. This, in turn, has freed up the company’s human workforce for safer, more creative applications and helped to improve the company's delivery times, in tandem with its sophisticated inventory management system. 

A digitized customer service experience

The Almaya Group’s automated order fulfilment system is part of the company’s efforts to deliver a fully automated customer service experience. Additionally, the Almaya Group has overhauled its online customer service experience by investing in AI chatbots which are programmed to anticipate all types of customer inquiries and respond dynamically. This, in turn, improves the overall efficiency and streamlines the customer journey for Almaya Group’s base.

How automation has benefited the Almaya Group

Almaya Group’s efforts to automate operations have yielded several positive results that pave the way for fmcg companies in Dubai to follow suit and introduce such measures into their operations. Their innovations have led to benefits such as:

Improved efficiency
Among the most noticeable improvements in the Almaya Group’s operations from automation has been their efficiency. The company has drastically improved its overall turnover times and reduced wastage as well, improving its ability to cater to a larger number of customers and meet market demand.

Improved accuracy

A direct result of the improved efficiency is the reduction in errors in operations. Automation has led to increased precision in operations and the experiences of Almaya Group customers as well as employees have improved.

Improved customer service

Automation has helped the Almaya Group to improve its customer service. Almaya supermarkets are open 24x7 along with the company’s online customer service and automation have significantly smoothened the experience for customers availing these services and visiting Almaya stores.

Improved employee satisfaction

One of the most impactful consequences of automation has been the significant reduction in the requirement of manual labor. Almaya Group’s employees are no longer required to work on tedious manual tasks and have been freed up to handle the more human aspects of their jobs. Overall employee satisfaction is up at all Almaya Group outlets. 

A glimpse into the future of the best food company in Dubai

The Almaya Group serves as an example for Dubai grocery stores by constantly evolving and looking to integrate modern technology into its daily operations. The company continues to explore and plans to invest in more futuristic forms of automation, which include AI and Machine Learning to deliver a more personalized customer service experience and reduce pressure on its employees.

The Almaya Group is a stalwart of the FMCG industry and is the leading conglomerate of Dubai Supermarkets. The group’s implementation of automation across its operations serves as an example of improving the food and beverage industry.

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