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Five delicious items at Bake Hub that you will surely drool over that you can’t resist

#UAE | 12 November, 2020

With a smooth supply management chain, Al Maya Group, one of the leading distribution companies in the UAE, ensures that all types of products are supplied at Al Maya Supermarkets and has introduced a variety of brands from all over the world in the UAE. We have everything in our supermarkets, ranging from biscuits to kitchen essentials.

Everyone loves to fulfil their sugar cravings and has a strong temptation for bakery products. So, Al Maya Group has bake hub bakery under its belt, which is a state-of-the-art, central baking facility that operates all day and all night, throughout the year.

Bake Hub caters to the needs of UAE's HORECA section, the aviation industry, hotel chains, and bespoke cafes. It is of the utmost importance when it comes to our business in the food retail sector. It specializes in a wide array of bakery products that are not only trusted, but also complement gourmet platters offered all over the country. Here are some of the bake hub bakery products that will tempt your taste buds:

  1. French artesian viennoiseries : French artesian viennoiseries are made from a yeast-fermented dough, quite similar to the way bread is prepared. It can also be made from a puff pastry, with ingredients like butter, milk, sugar, cream, and eggs, which gives them a sweeter tone.

  2. European loaves : To create European bread, two circular balls of dough are mashed together. Each loaf of bread is then baked as an individual piece, and then sliced into portions before consumption.

  3. French patisseries : A French patisserie is a form of Belgian pastries or sweets. It is made from two layers of creme patissiere and three layers of puff pastry.

  4. Delicious doughnuts : Doughnuts are a delight for everyone who has a sweet tooth. It is like a circle-shaped cake of sweetened dough, with a hole in the centre. 

  5. Red-velvet muffins : Red-velvet muffins consist of a flatbread at their top that is baked first and then cooked on a griller. It is a soft bread in the shape of a cupcake, that is fermented chemically and then baked.

So, if you cannot resist bakery products and your mouth starts to water every time you visit a bakery shop, then bake hub bakery is the perfect place for you!

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