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Bread Basket: One-Stop Shop for Homemade Bread in UAE

#UAE | 29 July, 2021

Have you ever visited a bakery shop or grocery store and picked up a bread packet and gotten disappointed by how it smells or looks simply because you obviously expected it to be fresh? Bread is one of those food essentials that we need every day, so it totally makes sense that you need a reliable store where you can get fresh bread every day. There are so many foods you can relish with yummy, fresh slices of bread, like omelettes, avocado, and fruit jam. So, if you and your kids prefer a delicious bread-based dish for breakfast every day, you surely need fresh bread every 2 days, at least. All the foodies, in today's world, are aware of how popular the idea of homemade has gotten over the last few years. Homemade foods taste healthier, better, and feel more natural. People have started opting for healthier alternatives without compromising on the taste, which has led them to look for homemade, natural, better options whenever they visit a store for buying food items. Bread is also one of those food items that many brands have started marketing as fresh, homemade bread.

With Al Maya Trading, we have consistently made sincere efforts to ensure we have one of the leading supermarket chains all over the UAE, especially in Dubai, and we understand how important it is to provide our customers with not only a wide range of products, but also fresh products. So, we ensure that we bring in a variety of new brands from various parts of the world, including Spain, Denmark, the USA, Japan, India, and Australia, and provide fresh, high-quality products. As a reliable group of one of the leading food distributors in the UAE, we, at Al Maya Group, gladly decided to come up with Bread Basket, which is exclusively for all you people out there looking for a reliable store with homemade products. At our Al Maya Supermarket, you can find our brand called Bread Basket that is exclusively for those who want fresh, homemade, yummy bread.

So, if you prefer homemade, fresh bread and love to visit a store you can rely on for fresh products, visit a nearby Al Maya Supermarket and check out our homemade bread at Bread Basket. Not only that, Break Basket also provides a wide range of croissants and pastries. All you have to do is visit an Al Maya Supermarket and find Bread Basket there. Other than that, we also have a bakery outlet, called bake hub bakery, which serves a variety of clients, including aviation clients, renowned hotel chains, and Bespoke restaurants & cafes. Its range of products includes artesian viennoiseries, European loaves and rolls, delicious American doughnuts, red velvet muffins and French patisseries. So, visit our bake hub bakery for bakery products and Bread Basket for fresh, homemade bread, and thank us later!

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