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5 products that Maya's has diversified Al Maya Supermarket with

#UAE | 17 December, 2019

Al Maya Supermarket consists of all types of products you can possibly fathom, which includes food, healthcare, clothing, kitchen essentials and barware. This blog mentions few products with which Maya's has brought in diversity to the range of offerings at Al Maya Supermarket.

When it comes to what makes a supermarket special, it is the convenience of finding a variety of products in one single space.

Al Maya's Supermarket has always ensured that its legacy is built on a foundation strengthened by factors like freshness, a wide product range, ideal locations, and affordability. It has a huge, loyal fan base in the UAE since 1982. What makes it such a diversified supermarket is also the range of products introduced by our in-house brand called Maya's. There are a wide range of brands from all over the world that Al Maya’s Supermarket provides, for easy access to the people of UAE. As one of the leading distribution companies in the UAE, we have a strong supply management chain and has over fifty supermarkets all over the country.

Maya’s, with its unique offerings, has definitely become a popular household name. Here are some of the products that Maya’s offers, which has spread Al Maya’s Supermarket’s wings:

  1. Kitchen essentials

    The kitchen area is one of the most integral parts of one’s home, and it should always have sufficient essentials required to ensure your kitchen is well-managed and runs smoothly. Maya’s has a variety of kitchen essentials like basmati rice, flour, nuts, milk powder, lentils, kitchen towels, kitchen utensils, etc.

  2. Household products

    Cleanliness is not only important but also a prerequisite, if you want your house to feel like a home. So, Maya's offers everything you need, to keep it clean and to ensure your food remains fresh, including washing liquids, window and glass cleaners, aluminium foil, plastic wraps, floor disinfectants, garbage bags, and air fresheners.

  3. Fresh drinks and snacks

    Maya's also has amazing products to make sure your breakfast or snack time does not turn out to be bland, e.g. peanut butter, cupcakes, mixed nuts, pound cakes, and much more. Maya's offers jams, available in different flavours, that can make your breakfast enjoyable, as well as fresh drinks that are not only satisfying, but also a delight for your taste buds.

  4. Home and living products

    To give you and your family the comfort and beauty you desire, it has pillows, beddings, blankets, fitted sheets, comforters, and curtains.

  5. Soft tissues

    Maya's also offers soft facial tissues and soft toilet rolls. If you have a hectic job and feel exhausted any time of the day, you can use soft facial tissues and freshen up for the rest of the day.


So, if you are looking for any household products or daily essentials, simply visit the Al Maya supermarket closest to your house, and find the shelves stocked with Maya's products. The in-house brand not only believes in providing high value, but also offering the quality that our customers expect.


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