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5 best affordable home and living products at Maya's Home

#UAE | 07 January, 2021

Maya's has expanded the range of products available at Al Maya Supermarket with varied food and homeware products. This blog lists seven home and living products offered by Maya's home at Almaya supermarket across the UAE.

The people of UAE have access to a variety of brands at Al Maya Supermarkets. Being a reliable and one of the leading distribution companies in UAE, Al Maya Group has always ensured that the product collection at Al Maya Supermarkets is always diverse enough to cater to the varied needs of the UAE population. It has expanded its domain by introducing products across many categories, including retail, bakery, apparel, stationery, home and living, and kitchen essentials.Its credibility has been enhanced with the introduction of Maya's, which is a sub-division within the Al Maya Group, giving the people of UAE a unique range of home and living products and food products, marketed under the flagship brand Maya's

Your house starts to feel like your home, once it is given the required attention and embellished to impart the home-like vibe and the overall feel that it deserves. Maya's home offers varied home and living products at affordable rates. Here are five products that make Al Maya Supermarkets an apt choice for anyone looking for home and living products.

Comforters: A comforter is, basically, a fluffy, thick, warm bed layer that has a beautiful design and a type of filling, like foam or polyfill. Maya's Home offers comfy, beautiful comforters that are bound to keep you and your family warm, cozy and happy in winter.

Blankets: Blankets are a source of warmth in the winter season, and that is wherein people yearn to spend most of their spare time in winter. It is basically a thick, flat piece of cloth with wool as a filling and is large enough to span a human's body and keep them warm.

Sheets: It is a big, rectangular cloth piece, made of high-quality fabric with a beautiful design that is used to cover a mattress on a bed. Maya's home has an impressive collection of sheets, available in varied designs.

Curtains: A curtain is a piece of cloth or fabric which is used to cover & decorate windows by suspending it at the top. It can be moved sideways along the curtain rod and usually come in pairs.

Pillow sets: Pillows are meant to keep your back straight when you are sitting and keep your neck in a stable position when you are sleeping. Basically, it is used to support the right posture. Maya's home has a variety of pillows, including pillow sets, in different colours and shapes.

So, if you or your family members or friends live in the UAE and are looking for home and living products, visit the nearest Al Maya Supermarket as that is the perfect choice for anyone looking for high-quality, affordable products.

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