How to compete with growing competition in Supermarket Business

How to compete with growing competition in Supermarket Business?

#UAE | 02 September, 2022

The onset of Covid-19 across the world has given a big boost to the grocery delivery business around the world. After the lockdown ended, the grocery business started facing new challenges. People involved both directly and indirectly must understand that it is difficult to remain relevant and have a strong presence in the ever-growing and expansive supermarket business. People who have a supermarket expansion project need to have a multi-dimensional and unique approach to make an impact. Most experts who belong to the supermarket business consulting give importance to market penetration and market development strategies. There is also an urgent need for robust internal operations. The Al Maya supermarket Abu Dhabi is one stop for groceries for people living in that region. It is home to the leading world-renowned brands that cater to the needs of the people at large. Al Maya supermarket Sharjah is also quite popular and you are sure to find these supermarkets at different parts of the world. Al Maya supermarket head office Dubai is the central office that maintains and manages all the branches operating in and outside the Gulf countries. 

So, to remain the go-to choice of every consumer, these supermarkets have to come up with new and innovative strategies. The services offered here must stand out from other convenient stores. Therefore, let us have a look at some of the important tips that can help compete with growing competition in the grocery business: 

  1. Digital Marketing- This term has become extremely popular in present times. It has gained popularity because of the high usage of the internet; more time spends on social media and more mobile devices. It is advised that the supermarket business stay active on social media to gain a wider audience. They can easily reach a diverse audience in a short time with the help of social media and proper advertising. Digital media is a cost-effective method and yields quicker results. Social media marketing helps the business get an edge over other competitors. 
  2. Value added services- There are many services and products available that have similar business plans and models. This minimizes the rate of USPs in them. Therefore, the focus must be shifted towards value-added services. VAS is a differentiating factor. For instance, adding a home delivery service which is fair, not complicated and economical. 
  3. Rebranding- Rebranding means the visual appeal of a product and is a powerful marketing strategy. It helps in leaving a positive impact on customers and helps in garnering their attention to the products. It is very important to have a good brand logo, tagline, store theme, font etc. to attract customers. 
  4. SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures- The internal operations of every business must be strong. Rebranding and Value added services will only work in favour of the product if the internal operations are great. This is because customers are only concerned about the quality, availability and fast delivery of the product. 
  5. Inventory Management- This department of a grocery delivery business must be well-planned and executed. Therefore, the supermarket must focus on making a more efficient and effective inventory. 

Theprime concern for supermarkets, world over, isInventory Management. This aspect should be planned and executed professionally to make the inventory system more effective and efficient and to prevent inventory losses. Inventory Management in a Supermarketcan be very challenging; considering the miscellaneous merchandise and a wide assortment of brands and their SKUs.

For each product sold in the supermarket there must be re-order levels.That enables to keep trackof the re-order levelonce the product inventory reaches re-order level.This way it can be effortlesslyfound out and purchase order placed accordingly. These re-order levels must be carefully decided based on demand forecasting, internal order processing time, delivery time, etc. For automatic reorderingmany supermarkets, with more state-of-the art technology,deploy auto-replenishment systems (ARS).

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