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7 Best Practices of the Top Food Distributor in Dubai

27 February, 2023 | #UAE

When food products are supplied from large-scale manufacturers to retailers or customer-facing businesses, it is known as food distribution. There are many factors involved in food distribution, like storage and inventory management, packaging and labeling, and more. As for the food industry, food safety is their top priority, and large-scale food manufacturers and distributors in the UAE have to adhere to strict food safety regulations and guidelines. Therefore, working with the best food distributor in Dubai who is dedicated and consistent in utilizing best practices for food safety throughout their operations is necessary.

Established in 1982, Almaya Group is the best FMCG food distributor in Dubai. They have a cluster of many leading FMCG food brands under them. With a predominant presence in the marketplace, they cater to retail, clothing, and more, along with food and groceries. By providing extraordinary service for their quality products, they apply ground-breaking methods that help them establish their authorizations among their clients. These are the 5 best safety practices that Almaya Group prioritizes in food distribution.

7 Best Practices of Food Distributors in Dubai

  • Food Safety and Hygiene
    To prevent food contamination, it is important to follow food regulatory guidelines for safety and high standards of hygiene. Almaya Group ensures that warehouses, transportation, and delivery systems follow best practices to maintain the quality of the products. This includes regularly cleaning and sanitizing facilities and equipment, with proper temperature control and the use of protective gear like gloves and masks.
  • Proper Storage and Shipping
    In order to avoid damage or deterioration, food goods are properly stored and transported. Temperature regulation, sufficient ventilation, pest control, and appropriate storage containers are all important considerations in the safe handling, storing, and transport of food goods. All food products are kept in sanitary, clean environments with controlled humidity and temperature.
  • Maintain Proper Channels of Distribution
    Timely delivery of food goods depends on maintaining adequate distribution routes. To guarantee that the appropriate goods are supplied at the appropriate time, work closely with shops, restaurants, or other clients. Distributors should have a productive supply chain that enables prompt delivery to guarantee that goods are constantly accessible when clients require them.
  • Building Strong Connections with Retailers
    For food distributors to be successful, establishing trusting relationships with retailers is the key. This entails collaborating closely with retailers to understand their requirements and preferences, offering premium goods, and maintaining a dependable delivery system. Distributors interact with retailers in a timely manner and maintain excellent communication.
  • Equipment and Facilities
    To enhance inventory management, shipping, and delivery, requires making investments in the newest technology and machinery. This helps to ensure the security of the items, the facilities must be neat, well-organized, and fitted with the most recent security measures. To lessen their environmental effect, food distributors should think about funding new technologies.
  • Providing Training in Work
    Consumers in the food service sector demand the highest standards of hygienic conditions, so food goods must be kept in a clean warehouse and carried in a hygienic vehicle. It's important to educate staff members, on the value of applying appropriate sanitation practices to reduce risks to food safety.
  • Post-Delivery Maintenance
    Food distributors are required to take all necessary precautions to guarantee that the food items they supply to consumers are of the highest quality and adhere to legal requirements. Therefore, maintaining the quality and safety of food goods after delivery is equally important. Food distributors preserve their image and guarantee consumer pleasure by adhering to these best practices.


The foundational practices of the best food distribution include offering products that adhere to the highest safety standards even after delivery. The FMCG market is a massive industry not only in Dubai, UAE, but globally, with a few dominant players that hold a significant share of the market. You have to find the best company that follows the necessary practices for distribution. With a cut-throat market, these companies compete fiercely in the FMCG distribution landscape in the UAE, striving to gain an edge in the market.

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